Occurrence No.: AIBN-004-2019       Occurrence Type: Accident      Report Created: Jun 3/12
Title: Loss of Engine Power – Collision with Terrain       Flight Phase: Descent      Aircraft Type: MD-83
Carrier/Owner: Dana Airlines Nigeria Limited       A/C Registration: 5N-RAM
Location: Iju-Ishaga Area of Lagos State, Nigeria
Status: Final Last Update: Mar 13/17

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Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Summary The line trainings that preceded the captain’s checkout had a lot of adverse remarks made by the training captain regarding issues with operating procedures.

As evident in the CVR transcript, the crew did not follow the dictates of the Operations Manual as approved by NCAA. Checklists were not used.

Inappropriate decision making was observed as deviation from regulatory and company procedures in considering diversion option to the officially filed alternate airport which was Ilorin.


Details Details are contained in the following document, and specific sections:


  • 1.5 Personnel Information
  • 2.2 Dana Airlines Policy/Procedures

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