Occurrence No.: AIBN-004-2019       Occurrence Type: Accident      Report Created: Jun 3/12
Title: Loss of Engine Power – Collision with Terrain       Flight Phase: Descent      Aircraft Type: MD-83
Carrier/Owner: Dana Airlines Nigeria Limited       A/C Registration: 5N-RAM
Location: Iju-Ishaga Area of Lagos State, Nigeria
Status: Final Last Update: Mar 13/17

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Summary Loss of power of the engines, crew actions and decision making were identified as major contributing factors to the accident.

Significant issues were also identified related to the Operations of Dana Airlines Nigeria Limited, which may have also been factors in the accident.


Synopsis – Operations Issues with Dana Airlines Nigeria Limited Dana Airlines’ internal investigation of the accident identified missing background records related to the Pilot, as well as missing records of some identified deficiency follow-ups.

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) carried out an audit of Dana Airlines Nigeria Limited between the 9th and 12th December 2013. There were open findings that needed to be addressed by the Operator.

Witness accounts were recorded, mostly from former pilots of the airline. They gave their various perceptions/opinions about Dana Airlines Nigeria Limited maintenance culture and other safety related issues e.g. the habit of not entering defects in the technical log book. Most of them left the airline either sacked or frustrated out of the company and are being owed various amounts of money.

AIB carried out a comprehensive overview of the Captain’s recruitment and training records both in the simulator and the flight line training, and a number of adverse findings were observed. Performance issues during line training were identified, but there were no records of remedial follow-up. There was no documented evidence to confirm that the Captain performed the mandatory requirements before the recruitment which are general written test, selection interview, background check, appraisal check for 2hrs in the simulator and a record of company indoctrination which was not sighted.

AIB discovered some deviations in the organizational policies in hiring and training of flight crew. Proper and adequate background checks were not always carried out in the employment of foreign airline captains.


Details Details of Dana Airlines Nigeria Limited Operations are contained in the following document, and specific sections:


  • 1.17 Organizational and Management Information
  • 1.17.1 Description of Organizational Structure
  • 1.18.1 Dana Airlines Nigeria Limited Internal Investigation on 5N-RAM
  • 1.18.3 Regulatory Information
  • Other Witness Accounts
  • 2.2.1 Captain Recruitment/Training Records

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