Occurrence No.: AIBN-004-2019       Occurrence Type: Accident      Report Created: Jun 3/12
Title: Loss of Engine Power – Collision with Terrain       Flight Phase: Descent      Aircraft Type: MD-83
Carrier/Owner: Dana Airlines Nigeria Limited       A/C Registration: 5N-RAM
Location: Iju-Ishaga Area of Lagos State, Nigeria
Status: Final Last Update: Mar 13/17

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Loss of Engine Power – Collision with Terrain

Executive Summary

On 3rd June 2012 at about 1545:00hrs, 5N-RAM, a Boeing MD-83, a domestic scheduled commercial flight, operated by Dana Airlines Nigeria Limited as flight 0992 (DANACO 0992), crashed into a densely populated area. The flight originated from Abuja (ABV) and the destination was Lagos (LOS).

Engine number 1 lost power seventeen minutes into the flight with a further loss of power on number 2 engine on final approach to runway 18R at Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos, Nigeria.

All 153 persons onboard the airplane, including six crew were fatally injured. There were also six confirmed ground fatalities. The airplane was destroyed. There was post impact fire.

Figure 1: Dana MD-83 5N-RAM Crash Site, with post crash fire.

The investigation identified the following:

Probable Causal Factors:

1. Engine number 1 lost power seventeen minutes into the flight, and thereafter on final approach, Engine number 2 lost power and failed to respond to throttle movement on demand for increased power to sustain the aircraft in its flight configuration.

2. The inappropriate omission of the use of the Checklist, and the crew’s inability to appreciate the severity of the power-related problem, and their subsequent failure to land at the nearest suitable airfield.

3. Lack of situation awareness, inappropriate decision making, and poor airmanship.

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