Occurrence No.: AIBN-004-2019       Occurrence Type: Accident      Report Created: Jun 3/12
Title: Loss of Engine Power – Collision with Terrain       Flight Phase: Descent      Aircraft Type: MD-83
Carrier/Owner: Dana Airlines Nigeria Limited       A/C Registration: 5N-RAM
Location: Iju-Ishaga Area of Lagos State, Nigeria
Status: Final Last Update: Mar 13/17

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Flight Data Analytics

Potential Contents: The intent of this ‘Flight Data Analytics’ web page is to present relevant information that has been derived across many flights. This is different from the ‘Similar Occurrences’ web page, that is used to point to information on other specific occurrences that share similarities to this occurrence.

Flight Data Analytics is often performed as part of a program involving routine (daily) Flight Data Monitoring (FDM), or Flight Operation Quality Assurance (FOQA). Flight Data Analytics may also be performed by doing ‘big data’ analysis of archived flight data. The idea is to analyse the flight data against pre-defined limits, to see if the aircraft has been flown outside limits, or if safety related events have occurred. Statistical analysis is used to determine trends. In this way, Flight Data Analytics can become a predictive safety management tool.

Flight Data Analytics is not part of the ARGUE process, per se. Often it is performed by, or on behalf of airlines or operators. In that sense, the “hard work” is done by others. An ARGUE occurrence only needs to include a link to the hard work, and some brief explanatory text to explain the relevance of the Flight Data Analytics to the specific occurrence. In other words, is this specific occurrence part of a larger problem?


In this particular MD-83 accident, it is interesting to note that in the course of the internal investigation carried out by the airline, the captain of the air return (5N-SAI) asserted emphatically that there were other aircraft in the Operator’s fleet that exhibited slow acceleration as in 5N-SAI. The summary of the two problems (5N-RAM and 5N-SAI) is that they are common occurrences on the JT8D- 217C and 219 engines as acknowledged by Pratt & Whitney. As a result, the manufacturer in October, 2003 issued a Service Bulletin (SB) 6452 on the JT8D engines. The incident which led to the issuing of Engineering Authorization No. MD83-EA-73-001 dated 28/01/2013 is one in so many incidents that brought to the fore, failure of engine to respond to throttle movement.

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