Occurrence No.: AIBN-004-2019       Occurrence Type: Accident      Report Created: Jun 3/12
Title: Loss of Engine Power – Collision with Terrain       Flight Phase: Descent      Aircraft Type: MD-83
Carrier/Owner: Dana Airlines Nigeria Limited       A/C Registration: 5N-RAM
Location: Iju-Ishaga Area of Lagos State, Nigeria
Status: Final Last Update: Mar 13/17

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Summary No major (accident contributing) issues with Air Traffic Control were identified. The Airspace Manager at the Lagos airport in his report confirmed that everything about the flight went well until 1542:10hrs when the crew declared emergency. The Radar was the last contact the aircraft made before the fatal crash. The Radar Control should have stayed with the aircraft rather than transferring it to Lagos Tower. Radar vector would have been ideal and most appropriate at this time.


Details Details are contained in the following document, and specific sections:


  • 1.1 History of the Flight
  • 1.17.3 Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA)
  • 2.1 The Conduct of Flight
  • 2.9 Nigerian Airspace Management Agency
  • Appendix H NAMA ATC OPS Manager Report

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