This version of the Advanced Report Generation Utility Engine (ARGUE) is a proof of concept demonstration of a Web-based visually dynamic reporting tool for aviation accident/incident occurrences. ARGUE is an alternative to current monolithic text-based occurrence reports which are routinely used worldwide. This index page contains link(s) to example ARGUE aviation occurrence report(s) developed by Plane Sciences, based on existing text-based Nigeria Accident Investigation Bureau occurrence report(s), with the intent to demonstrate the effectiveness of ARGUE web-based visual reports.

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Occurrence No. Date Title Flight PhaseAircraft TypeOccurrence TypeFatalStatus/Last UpdateRecommendations [No.]
AIBN-003-20192 Feb 2019 Inadvertent IMC – Hard landing Landing AW-139 Accident NoPreliminary/
13 Feb 2019
Open [2]
AIBN-004-20193 Jun 2012 Loss of Engine Power – Collision with Terrain
Descent MD-83 Accident NoFinal Open [2]

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